Friday, March 6, 2015


During the past few weeks, I have been planning my carnival; looking for tents, tables, chairs, and various carnival games.  After looking around and calculating all of the prices I have come to realize how expensive it will be to put this carnival on. My parents have offered to pay for it but it is a lot of money to put this on. To solve this problem I have decided to email the Alzhirmer's Association to see if they have any suggestions or could possibly help fund the carnival.

As I have been looking at their website, I saw that they put on walks for Alzhirmer's and I thought that maybe they could give the necessary equipment to put on a walk. If my carnival doesn't work out, I need to decide if it will or won't soon because of I keep waiting then I'll loose my chance of starting my second project.  At the same time though, I want this project to work so bad because it's such an important issue to me and I feel like I have taken on this responsibility to tell my community about the importance of citing this disease, and if I don't get this to work I feel like I not only let myself down but I also let down the Alzhirmer's community. Therefore, the response to my email that I'm sending is very important because it baciscally decideds whether or not I can go through with this carnival.

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  1. I just love this idea. You should think about connecting with SA to see if they might be interested in helping. A carnival in the parking lot of South would be so cool!