Sunday, March 22, 2015


After talking to my teacher about emailing the Alzheimer's Association, he brought to my attention that emailing them first with what little information I have would probably not be the best idea. It would be so easy for them to turn me down because I am lacking important information such as a date, place, and more detailed plans. Instead my teacher recommended that I emailed one of the teachers at my school that handles student activities to find a definite date that I can hold the carnival and a make sure that the parking lot is open. I have started to write the email and my first draft was not so good so I am currently looking back over it to make sure that I do not sound too demanding when I ask the teacher to help me plan my carnival.
The one problem I am having to face is that I was hoping to host the carnival before school gets out so around late May but that is also around the same time as our schools Prom therefore the school will be pretty busy.  This worries me because anything earlier than that I won't be ready to host it yet but anything later then it gets busier especially with graduation around the corner as well.  I also have been very busy lately with working and playing a sport and trying to find time to work on this project.  I almost never have time to work on it because I'm either at school, at practice, working, or doing homework which puts me way behind where I should be if I want this carnival to happen.

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