Friday, February 6, 2015


Over the past two weeks I have made some progress in deciding exactly what my plans are for the carnival. For those of you who don't know, I am hosting a carnival to raise money for Alzheimer's research. The reason j chose to raise money for Alzheimer's is because my aunt passed away 3 years ago because of it.  She had been struggling with the disease for many years and although it was sad to see her pass, I know it was better for her because she's more happy wherever she is now.  The reason I am planning my event so carefully before doing anything else is because what I am doing is very ambitious and if I want it to work out I need to make sure that I know exactly what I want. One of the most important parts of creating this carnival is getting land to do it. I really want to do the carnival af my school because I plan to have many school clubs have stands there, so it would make the most sense.  It will take a lot to be approved to hold the carnival on the school property so I want to have a clear and concise plan when I present it to my principle and the school board.

My friend also contacted me and told me that she know a complany that can cater food and provide tables and chairs and possibly a tent. She will be sending me the information soon and once I receave it I will have to quickly contact the company because with no tables or chairs the carnival will be impossible.  Next week I plan to talk to a few of my friends that are in clubs so that they can have a stand at the carnival. The student council is very big at my school so I'm sure they will want a stand and I also think that the language clubs will want to advertise there club to get more members.  There is also an interact club here that specializes in county service so I think that they will also be able to have a table at the carnival.

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  1. I wish I had the willpower you do to do something like this! You are so focused and are so clear on what you want to happen and it seems like you're willing to do anything to make it all happen! I really hope everything works out, because this is an amazing project!