Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Break Progress

     Over the holiday break, I was able to achieve a huge step in the process of creating the carnival. After Christmas I started talking to a few of my friends to ask for some help with the carnival.  My friends Mary Kate and Lily agreed to work at their own type of booth at the carnival. Mary Kate is having a fortune telling booth and Lily is planning on having a dunking booth where people throw a ball at the bulls eye and if they hit it, then somebody falls on the water tank. I also planned on other aspects of the carnival such as creating a raffle. My friend Anna will walk around selling raffle tickets    Then later on we will announce the winner of, hopefully, a donated basket from a local business.
     The more I plan and think of preparing for the carnival, the more stressed out I get. It get hard to try to balance school, sports, family and friends, a job, and this project.  Although we are allowed to fail while trying to complete this project, I really want to be able to achieve my goal, but I am worried that I won't be able to achieve this carnival. I have started to think of a possible back up plan to do instead of this project, but I think it might be too late to switch. Instead of the carnival I am thinking of doing a raffle where we raffle off baskets an d gift cards from businesses from around town.  I think that this will be a better option than the carnival because I won't need a tent, I won't need as many volunteers, and it would be much easier than the carnival.
      Although I feel that if I do go back and change my project, it would be almost like giving up, I also don't want to fail. Raising money for Alzheimer's is a very important thing to me and I want to do whatever necessary to achieve that goal, even if that includes possibly changing my project a bit.

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