Sunday, January 25, 2015


On my last post I talked about how I was worried about being able to complete my 20 Time Project. Although, after talking to my teacher and my mentor, my grandmother, I now have more confidence that I will be able to pull this Carnival off and raise a good amount of money for Alzheimer's.  I have decided to make the carnival more booth oriented rather than a ride oriented carnival. This is because if I were to try to rent a small ride, a train ride for example, not only would it cost a lot of money, but it would also be a safety hazard and if anyone were to get hurt, I would be to blame.  If I have more booths at my carnival then I can get all of the different clubs at my school to have their own booths. Giving the clubs the chance to have their own booths will give them the chance to get more people to join their club.

I have also considered possibly moving the carnival inside so I won't have to worry about finding a tent for a reasonable price. Although I might not even need a tent if I am able to plan it on a day that will not rain, but consodering how in advance I will have to plan it, I don't think I will be able to guarantee that the weather will be acceptable. I amiss really excited to actually put this on because I know that I will be surrounded by my friends and family who will all be helping me achieve my goal of making a big of a dent as possible in the struggle of the disease Alzheimer's.

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